Captivating designed bathroom accessories

The Ceramica Flaminia’s catalogue not only consists in toilets and bidets, but also in basins, accessories  and other complements, which are distinguished by their captivating design. This allows to imagine a bathroom in all of its details, recreating a place where you can relax and take care of yourself. The designers preciseness, the attention to […]

7 maggio 2015 | Decorate with style
Acquagrande Variazioni the exhibition

Ceramica Flaminia celebrates 60 years in business and to commemorate this important anniversary proposes the exhibition “Acquagrande Variations” at the Milano Design week 2015. The exhibit will continue throughout the month of May. The appointment is in Via Solferino 18, at Spazio Flaminia Showroom in Milan. The exhibition is curated by the Art Director of […]

28 aprile 2015 | Ceramica Flaminia News

The ’60s mark the economic boom. The needs of the population change and Ceramica Flaminia too has to adapt to new market demands. The development of the bathroom is very quick, it’s dismissed the idea of a service room and it’s established the idea of the research of toilet fixtures as ornamental products. Up to […]

24 aprile 2015 | Bathroom Evolution

The bathroom is the room in the house that need more attention in cleaning surfaces to prevent the accumulation of dirt and the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Ceramica Flaminia provide  the GoClean system on two product lines: App and Link. The innovation consists in the design of rimless toilet bowls, allowing a better hygiene […]

23 aprile 2015 | Creations
Bathroom with original design built-in sanitary fixtures and complements

Since the bathroom has become one of the most comfortable room of the house, the furniture designed for this environment has become more sophisticated and the research of toilet furnishings and accessories assumes an importance never before experienced. You want a minimalist bathroom, by the modern and distinctly original design? Flaminia proposes the project “UNA“: […]

21 aprile 2015 | Creations

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, for that reason, you should make it safe and practical. Interior design magazines are full of pictures of perfect bathrooms, where everything is in the right place. Never fear, with some simple tricks for a tidy bathroom you will have a room worthy of a […]

10 aprile 2015 | See how it works
Scandinavian style bathroom decoration

After having seen how to decorate a shabby chic bathroom, let’s see  another style, maybe more appreciated by men, simple and functional. We are going to see more in details the Scandinavian style decoration which is becoming very popular especially among singles or in houses where there is a majority of men. Minimalist traits, rationality […]

8 aprile 2015 | Decorate with style
Shabby chic bathroom ideas

Your home wellness room should be synonymous with elegance and harmonious shapes. Decorating a bathroom in shabby chic style, perfectly responds to your need of creating a romantic place to relax after a long working day. The furnishings need to have graceful lines and to be characterized by pastel shades mixed to some wrought iron […]

7 aprile 2015 | Decorate with style
Cleaning the bathroom with lemon

Cleaning and order in the bathroom are very important. If in the previous articles we have shown how to furnish a bathroom in eco-friendly style, here we analyze the cleaning of bathroom in natural ways. In the market exist a lot of cleanser and disinfectant to clean the bathroom and in many cases they contains […]

2 aprile 2015 | See how it works
How to modernize a bathroom

To modernize a bathroom, to change the placement of the bathroom fixtures can be very expensive, but is not always true. For this reason Ceramica Flaminia has created new and original product as the Niagara line. Modernizing a bathroom will become very easy. Niagara products have a ceramic flushing cistern suit back to wall wc, […]

31 marzo 2015 | See how it works
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