Bathtub with feet

The bathtub with feet is the essential piece of furniture around which a classic style bathroom is ideally designed. Here are some useful suggestions on the perfect place where to place it and the dimensions and measures to take into account for its placement. Bathtub with feet: where to place it? With their undisputed elegance, […]

22 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
Bathroom Furniture

That are modern and in line with the furnishing trends of the moment or furnishings more suitable for a classic style bathroom, the choice of furniture is fundamental in the design of the bathroom, able to characterize-according to your taste the atmosphere and the functionality of This room. Classic bathroom Furniture For lovers of the […]

20 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
opaque bathroom fixtures

When designing or renovating the bathroom, making the right choices is essential to get the result you want. In this post we will give you some suggestions to furnish your environment  with opaque bathroom fixtures. Innovative and versatile If you think that the bathroom is also a place to relax, it is important to know how to […]

15 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
Bathroom lamps

Designing bathroom lighting is an important aspect of completing the environment furnishing. Find out which solutions to use to find the right place for bathroom lamps. what to know There are two important light points: Lighting of the bathroom environment; Lighting around the mirror.   Small bathrooms If you have to furnish a blind bathroom […]

13 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
bathroom basin with mirror

The mirror is one of the main furnishing components for the bathroom. It’s very hard to imagine a basin in the bathroom that is not topped by a mirror. Design with basin and mirror Installing a basin in the bathroom with a mirror of refined lines, allows you to give the bathroom environment a refined […]

8 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
materiali vasca da bagno

The bathtub is a sanitary ware used since ancient times. The bathtubs were already used at the time of the Greeks and Romans to be able to wash the noble class. Have they always been made of ceramic? We discover the different materials used for bathtubs production. From the past to the present Bath tubs […]

6 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
colors and tones small bathroom

In different circumstances we tend to underestimate the importance of the choice of colors and tones for the home environment. Yet a wrong choice can make a small room even more gloomy or create games of colors that disturb the eye while staying in that room. We try to understand how to use colors and […]

1 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
design bathroom studio apartment

More and more often and especially in the big cities are built two-rooms apartment and studios flat to meet the different needs of the market. No worries, however, with a little creativity and attention to the recovery of the spaces you can also make a small apartment comfortable. Let’s see together some measures to furnish […]

30 gennaio 2018 | See how it works
How to take advantage of the ante-bathroom

The ante-bathroom is a small space that has the important function of separating the bathroom from other areas of the house. This space is very often considered as a health obligation that eliminates space for our home. Let’s think about how to take advantage of the ante-bathroom to create new strengths in our home. Installing […]

25 gennaio 2018 | See how it works
how to furnish a small square bathroom

In modern homes more and more often the bathrooms are small in size and in some cases are even weirder forms. Let’s see how to furnish a small bathroom from the square perimeter. The importance of colors The first thing you should not underestimate is the choice of colors and shades. Choosing to use light […]

23 gennaio 2018 | See how it works
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