The bathroom is the more intimate room of the house, the place where we spend time to relax and to eliminate toxins accumulated throughout the day. For this reason it is recommended that the bathroomis spacious and comfortable, it does not need to be very big because, with a few simple steps, you can transform […]

19 febbraio 2015 | Decorate with style

We have already wrote about how to build an additional bathroom in your house.  In this article we will focus on how to obtain a second bathroom while renovating other rooms of the house. As we have already seen, creating a second bathroom inside an existing one, involves minor renovations, while in this case, structural […]

17 febbraio 2015 | See how it works
How to turn your bathroom into a SPA

How many times after a day of work you dream about being in a SPA with soft lighting, scented candles lit and hot towels on the edge of the bathtub. It will just need to turn the bathroom into a spa to have a place to relax and take care of your mental and physical […]

12 febbraio 2015 | See how it works
how to clea faucet

A faucet aerator is a small device placed in correspondence of head of the tap, where the water comes out. Its function is to filter the water from impurities and debris of any kind and creating a mixture of water and air. Sometimes you may notice that the pressure of the flow of water supplied […]

29 gennaio 2015 | See how it works
How to decorate a small bathroom

Often on magazines we see images of beautiful large sized bathrooms,  but we must not think that there  bathroom fixtures and designer accessories are intended only for those who have large rooms. Usually in the apartments, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms, but this does not mean that we have to sacrifice elegance […]

27 gennaio 2015 | Decorate with style
Bathroom towels colors

To have a comfortably, relaxing and personalized room: this is the aim of the complementary furniture. And to have an elegant and stylish bathroom, the bathroom towels are precious and useful allies: what colors for them? Try to imagine this scene: you enter in a bathroom where everything is in its right place. Towels well-coordinated […]

20 gennaio 2015 | Decorate with style
Vintage-look attic bathroom

Often we use attic as storage room for sports equipment, bags or out-of-season dresses. But this is not the only possibility to use your attic: have you ever thought that you can build a vintage look attic bathroom? Painters and poets loved bathroom so much: from this room they watched the stars and the movements […]

15 gennaio 2015 | Decorate with style

In a previous article we saw some tips on how to obtain a second bathroom in a studio, today we will focus on analyzing larger spaces such as the two bedroom apartment. First of all, we need to  specify that main features of this type of apartment which is mainly composed by a bathroom, a […]

13 gennaio 2015 | See how it works
Bathroom organization tips

When doing refurbishment works in the house, in most cases, people tries to allocate a very reduced space to the bathroom, which results to be the most difficult room to decorate since it can have an irregular perimeter. So let’s see how to organize the space in the bathroom. First of all, one must take […]

8 gennaio 2015 | Decorate with style
Bathroom safety

The number of accidents at home is constantly increasing, for this reason it is important not to underestimate bathroom safety. In this environment there are two elements that when combined together can be very dangerous.There are several rules about bathroom safety, most relating to the areas of the tub and shower. For example in the […]

30 dicembre 2014 | Decorate with style
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