Back to wall sanitary ware

During the refurbishment of a bathroom there are numerous factors to consider before thinking about the installation of new sanitary ware. The first thing to decide is to just substitute the sanitary ware or refurbish it completely, also changing the discharge and conveyance system. If you opt for the substitution of the sanitary ware, you […]

16 luglio 2015 | Decorate with style
Scented bathroom

The bathroom has  a fundamental role inside the house. Until recently, it was considered as an accessory, present between the walls of the home just for necessity. Today the bathroom is considered a place where you can relax and take care of yourself. After a hard day out of home it’s pleasant entering in a […]

15 luglio 2015 | See how it works
Patrick Norguet

Patrick Norguet is a french designer with a versatil and innovative style, characterized by the simplicity and a particular attention to every detail. For his qualities and his neatness in style, he was nominated “Designer of the Year” in 2005. After few years, Ceramica Flaminia and Patrick Norguet started a collaboration that continues nowadays. There […]

14 luglio 2015 | Creations
Jasper Morrison, bonola

Jasper Morrison, London designer known all over the world, opens his first studio at the age of 27. Since the beginning of his career, he started a collaboration with Cappellini, which persists nowadays. The distinguishing marks of his projects are the simplicity and the elegance of the forms. The ample collection of Ceramiche Flaminia enriches […]

13 luglio 2015 | Creations
History of bidet

Although many people think that the bidet was invented in Italy, its history starts in France, to be precise in 1700, when Christophe Des Rosiers, who is considered its inventors,  installed one on them in the bathroom of Madame De Prie, the then wife of the French Prime Minster. It was called the “chair of […]

9 luglio 2015 | Bathroom Evolution
bidet in the world

The presence or the lack of bidets in the bathrooms all over the world comes from a social and cultural question. The approach to intimate cleaning between people’s is really different, and this is one of the principal causes of the lack of bidets in most of the bathroom of the world. Although the bidet […]

8 luglio 2015 | Bathroom Evolution
technological wc

More hi-tech and more eco-friendly. The technological wc of the future will be a pearl of engineering, with functions that will not only let its uses even more pleasant, but also help the ambient. In reality, most of the functions of the technological wc of the future already exist, but they haven’t contaminated the western […]

7 luglio 2015 | Bathroom Evolution
bathroom and ante-bathroom

The ante-bathroom is a little space that precedes the bathroom ambient, isolating it in a correct and hygienical way from the rest of the home. People often think that the square meters used for the ante-bathroom are useless because they can’t be used in other way. In some hygiene Regulations is specified that the bathroom […]

6 luglio 2015 | Decorate with style
bathroom furniture door

As it happens for wardrobes, the bathroom furniture must be very capacious, strong and easy to clean. For small spaces you should choose wall-hung furniture and sanitary ware, which can give the ambient a sense of lightness. The bathroom  furniture, even if wall-hung or not, shouldn’t have the classic handle, which would just reduce the […]

3 luglio 2015 | Decorate with style
Windowless bathroom

In so many homes there are windowless bathrooms, and so without natural illumination, to gain square meters which are useful for the other rooms. The furnishing of this ambient requires attention to details and an analysis of many aspects, like the ventilation or the possible presence of moisture. Below we’re  going to examine in depth […]

2 luglio 2015 | Decorate with style
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