bathroom furnishings

The choice of complements and bathroom furnishing today consists of many solutions that can satisfy everyone. The bathroom room is synonymous with robustness, quality and taste. An important role is made up of furnishings, elements that can customize the room of wellbeing according to taste and needs. Flaminia proposes different lines and modern collections, ideal […]

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what is the master bathroom

Do you know what a master bathroom means and what is this type of room? Find out in this article to find out more. Master bathroom and comfort The master bathroom is the main bathroom of the house. The most intimate and private, the environment in which more attention is focused on comfort and style […]

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how to arrange make-up in the bathroom

For all beauty enthusiasts: do you know how to arrange make up in the bathroom? Even the make-up and beauty products we use and leave in the bathroom in the months and years should be put in order. Creams, rimmels, pencils, enamels, brushes, finding a place for all beauty products is not easy. Follow these […]

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How to illuminate a windowless bathroom

Knowing how to make to illuminate a windowless bathroom is crucial to making the environment more comfortable and wider. Having at home a windowless bathroom is very common, being able to make it brighter and more airy changes the perception of the room. When creating an environment, lighting becomes a very important factor, especially when […]

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The most luxurious bathrooms in the world

How are the most luxurious bathrooms in the world? The latest trends in bathroom furnishings make simple and clean lines where design and practicality go hand in hand. The bathroom furnishing must have a double function: it must comply with the rules for the functional layout of the bath and must be in line with […]

12 ottobre 2017 | Decorate with style
Oriental style bathroom furnishings

An oriental style bathroom is ideal if you want to make the bath a protagonist of the home, a place to relax and recover your energies. An oriental style bathroom that reminds the zen-style bathroom communicates well-being, relaxation, harmony and balance, delivering a sense of calm and order. Colors for Oriental style bathroom furnishings The […]

10 ottobre 2017 | Decorate with style
Bathroom door which to choose

Sometimes, one aspect to consider when renovating the bathroom is the choice of the door. But we can have indecision when it comes to logistics and space issues. Let’s see what are the main differences and what functional door to choose according to the size and volume of the house. The classic door This is […]

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Bathroom interior

In the modern apartments recover the space becomes increasingly important, especially when it comes to re-organizing the bathroom. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can play with the layout of the furnishing elements, so that the environments can be more comfortable. Flaminia proposes a series of sanitary ware collections and furnishing accessories that […]

3 ottobre 2017 | Decorate with style
Flaminia new concept bathroom furnishings

The Flaminia’s news offer a modern idea of living space. The new proposals all aim to enrich the bathroom experience, with a renewal of style and design as far as furniture is concerned. Let’s see what lines are enriched with new elements and style trends. Bloom This is an elegant console washbasin, made in two […]

26 settembre 2017 | Ceramica Flaminia News
Flaminia bathroom innovation

The design process of Flaminia, Italy’s leading bathroom furnishing company, continues with new developments: in addition to the new proposals, the expansion of the range of existing collections. A production process that aims at the Flaminia bathroom innovation and enhances style research with new living solutions that will be presented at the 2017 edition of […]

22 settembre 2017 | Ceramica Flaminia News
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