bathroom in gray shades

It is probably that you thought so much times about how to furnish the bathroom, in order to find the best solution to play with colors and to give to your house a touch of elegance. Flaminia offers original ideas for a modern bathroom in the shades of gray. First of all, when we talk […]

18 agosto 2016 | Decorate with style
Opaque or shiny bathroom fixture

If you are remodeling your bathroom or you are taking home, is probably that you need some practical advices on how to decorate the bathroom. Here are some useful tips and design ideas to choose between opaque or shiny fixture. Classical and traditional style Shiny fixture give to the bathroom a gloss effect: this is […]

16 agosto 2016 | Decorate with style
shower for a small bathroom

When you are struggling with small bathroom and small sizes, the choice of bathroom fixture becomes essential. When the spaces are minimal, the first aspect on which to focus is choosing toilets with reduced volumes. So here are some practical tips on how to choose the shower for a small bathroom. Flaminia offers different solutions […]

11 agosto 2016 | See how it works
advantages wall hung toilets

Bathroom fixture are a very important elements of the space. Depending on the configuration of the house, we can decide to install wall hung toilets to underline the aspect of design, brightness and width of the room will be evident. They are suitable for bathrooms with largest size, but in some cases they are also […]

9 agosto 2016 | Decorate with style
furnish bathroom retro style

When we talk about the bathroom we often think about practical and functional aspect of this space given the important role that this room has. Nowadays we tend to proceed with furnishings inspired by modern settings, underestimating that classic and vintage style can also donate elegance and class, just as modern shapes and lines. That’s […]

4 agosto 2016 | Decorate with style
bathroom in a minimalist style

Today we are going to talk about the perfect home decor for those who love modern style and prefers simple lines and large space: the bathroom in a minimalist style. A trend that has taken hold in recent years and today represents an excellent solution for those who want to create a wide and airy […]

2 agosto 2016 | Decorate with style
decorate bathroom in black tones

Who said that white bathroom fixture may be the only elegant solution to furnish a bathroom? Flaminia offers collections and ceramic lines in dark colors ideal for those wish to venture and furnish the bathroom with shades of black. Dark colors like gray and black, can give a touch of elegance and sophistication to your […]

28 luglio 2016 | Decorate with style
black bathroom fixture

When we talk about the cleaning of the bathroom, the limestone is one of the recurring thoughts and a major concern which we have to deal. In our imagination we usually buy and choose mostly white bathroom fixture,  not considering the blacks ones because accustomed to thinking that it is easier to remove the dirt […]

26 luglio 2016 | See how it works
arredare bagno di servizio

The guest bathroom is every day more frequent inside the houses. Generally the smaller room in the apartment is used as a toilet. But let’s see some tips to decorate this room, trying to create a small place to relax.   The choice of colors We have already talked in many articles about how to […]

21 luglio 2016 | See how it works
arredare bagno stile marino

The bathroom is one of the most intimate and personal environment of our house and the furniture plays a major factor in the customization of this intimate room. Given the hot weather , we see how to decorate the bathroom in marine style, a unique and ideal solution for your beach house or simply for […]

19 luglio 2016 | Decorate with style
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