Shower tray best material

Shower tray: what is the best material to choose? The shower tray is one of the elements to be selected with great care, for its correct functionality and for the wear and tear it will meet. Which shower tray to choose The shower tray is an element of the bathroom furniture with a great aesthetic […]

5 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style
ideal shower box measures

The Ideal dimensions of bath and its components, such as shower boxes, bathtubs and washbasins, are an important part of interior design and home environments.In recent decades, the concept of living in the home has changed. The bathroom underwent a revolution, showing the most radical signs of change. The modern bathroom has become the main […]

28 novembre 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
Link of Flaminia celebrates 18 years

Flaminia’s Link is 18 years old. The collection, designed by Giulio Cappellini and Roberto Palomba in 1999, confirms a best seller product, with an excellent overview of industry experts and final custode.For the occasion, the look was reinvented, reaffirming, even after years, its innovative character: it is amazed by stylistic contemporaneity, to which are added […]

23 novembre 2017 | Ceramica Flaminia News
How to furnish the bathroom with the mirror

The mirroris the perfect complement to decorate your bathroom, the design element that can make a difference.Mirrors are among the most versatile and decorative elements of an environment. Size, shape, color, material, frame: everything is useful to make the mirror a furniture complement that can change the impression you have in your bathroom. Let’s see […]

21 novembre 2017 | Decorate with style
English-style bathroom decor

Furnishing a bath in english-style is the ideal solution for those who want the bathroom to become a proper functional room, a relaxation area dedicated to the care of the body. For the bathroom is a part of the house where we spend a lot of time, and where we need to find all forms […]

16 novembre 2017 | Decorate with style
guest bathroom minimum size

The minimum size for master’s and guest’s bathrooms  depends on the security, health and hygiene standards. The National Law and the Building Regulations of your Municipality National law does not indicate minimum and maximum sizes of the bathroom, but merely lists what must be installed: the bathroom space must be functional to the arrangement and […]

14 novembre 2017 | See how it works
Taps history

The tap, a common object present in all homes, is actually an element dating back to distant times. The appearance of the first taps The first finds of taps as a household object date back to Roman times. These are taps called “male”, a system based on the rotation of a drilled cylinder which allowed […]

9 novembre 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
Bathroom mixer

When we need to renovate the bathroom, choosing a mixer can be difficult. First of all, consider aspects of space and design. In addition, you need to have different mixers: for washbasins, bidets, tubs or showers. In every area of the bathroom where we install the mixer, we will need to evaluate lines, shapes and […]

7 novembre 2017 | Ceramica Flaminia News
how to make a home bathroom

When you need to renovate your home, you are always looking for ideas to design the best of all your living spaces, especially when dealing with bathroom renovation. You need a lot of ideas that will allow you to place and arrange all the furnishing items in an optimal way. Following this mini guide, we […]

2 novembre 2017 | See how it works
sizes suspended sanitary ware

One of the latest trends of bathroom furniture, are suspended sanitary ware. These are pots with great aesthetic impact. Of this model, different versions have been created: square, round, with a sinuous or more geometric shape, with reduced dimensions. Designed to accommodate any need and be installed in a blind bathroom or reduced size. Flaminia […]

31 ottobre 2017 | Ceramica Flaminia News
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