Bathroom style search

The search for style to furnish the bathroom is an important aspect: the choice of sanitary ware, design, functionality, room optimization and personal taste. Let’s see how to choose the right style for your bathroom in 5 ideas. Minimalist Clean lines and neutral colors. SIf you love minimal style, then you have found your style. […]

10 agosto 2017 | Decorate with style
bathroom shelves

If you are looking for space-saving, practical, comfortable furnishing solutions, you can prepare several bathroom shelves. Especially if you have small spaces, the shelves are perfect for organizing the layout of the objects. They are also an important element of design, especially if they extend on vertical lines or are placed in a free pattern […]

3 agosto 2017 | Decorate with style
modern washbasins

Functionality, harmony and design. These are the factors that a washbasin has to be able to satisfy, especially if modern. If you are planning to design a new bathroom or simply renovate it, changing sanitary ware, the choice must be careful and consider different aspects. Let’s see what are the most trendy modern washbasins, in […]

1 agosto 2017 | Decorate with style
Bathroom-laundry furniture solutions

Optimize spaces and style furnishings can also be done when you decide to put a laundry in your bathroom. This is a part that often tends to hide because it does not always give perception of order. But with some original idea, you will be able to live with the two environments and give them […]

27 luglio 2017 | Decorate with style
How to choose the bathroom curtains

Do you have to furnish a new bathroom or do you want to change what you already have? Begin by the curtains. Comfortable, functional but also a real accessory, an indispensable complement of furnishings to give personality to the environment. Here’s how to choose the bathroom curtains thanks to these 5 useful tips. Colors The […]

25 luglio 2017 | See how it works
Shower box how to clean

Limestone, mildew and aloony: these are the enemies of your shower box. Here’s how to fight them by cleaning the shower box thanks to 5 useful tips.  Natural cleansing Natural products have longer laying times, you have to let them act for a few minutes to see their effectiveness. You can rest assured that they […]

20 luglio 2017 | See how it works
Bathroom renovation mistakes

When we have to renovate the bathroom, it may happen that we find ourselves in unpleasant situations. The risk is to find us with a little functional bath. But do not worry: This guide provides you with bathroom furniture tips to find out what are the 5 mistakes to avoid during the bathroom renovation phase. […]

18 luglio 2017 | See how it works
minimum size ante-bathroom

The home environments all have an important function and the bathroom areas, in particular, is a place where it is essential to set up an hallway. In fact, we often hear about ante-bathroom. What are the minimum size for this room? Some information There is no valid rule for all residential structures when we talk […]

13 luglio 2017 | See how it works
Bathroom washbasin height

In a previous article we talked about the ideal height of bathroom furniture and its better optimization with other furnishing items. Today, however, we will talk about the height of the washbasin to make our bathroom environment as comfortable and efficient as possible. Things to know There is no true and only ideal height for […]

11 luglio 2017 | See how it works
Bathroom with laundry service

When we have to design a service bathroom it may be a complicated operation. Especially when we want to spend inside a laundry area. Designing your bathroom service will be simple with Flaminia tips. Let’s see what steps follow during the restructuring phase. Comfort and convenience in a single room If you want to combine […]

6 luglio 2017 | See how it works
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