coloured bathroom fixtures of 90s

Our rubric dedicated to the coloured bathroom fixtures and to their evolution through the period, continues its story, lingering on coloured bathroom fixtures of the 90s. In the previous posts we have spoke of bathroom fixtures of 60s, telling its explosion of colours, such as also about revolution of shades during the 70s and the […]

14 febbraio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
antique bathroom furniture

“You cannot buy class…” recites a famous saying and when we speak about the bathroom furnishing, the antique fornitures and the bathroom fixtures with the retro shapes, make the difference for style and elegance. Let’s see, then, how to furnish the bathroom in antique style. The choice of a period The classic one is the […]

9 febbraio 2017 | Decorate with style
colourful bathrooms 70s

In a previous post, we told you about bathroom fixtures of 60s and the boom of the colourful ceramic. Today, instead, we will focus on the colourful bathrooms of 70s to see together the trends, the shades and the shapes that have changed this period. In these years the bathroom is considered like a service […]

7 febbraio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
difference between master bathroom and guest bathroom

When we talk about space of bathroom furniture, is important to do a distinction between different types of bathroom suites and their main destination in the domestic space: we discover in detail the difference between the master bathroom and guest bathroom. Two similar environments but also different , here an important distinction to be konwn […]

2 febbraio 2017 | See how it works
colored sanitary ware ‘60s

The bathroom, during the years, its always adapted to the multiple trends of furniture. The 60’s for example, influenced by the artistic movement Pop Art, cause a profound change in the search for forms, colors and materials, a real revolution on the concept of design and the way of thinking about the house and its […]

31 gennaio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
back to wall bathroom fixtures

Today we want to talk about a practical bathroom furniture solution: the back to wall sanitary ware. Being attached to the wall, the cleaning phases will be easier (thanks to the absence of space between the bathroom fixtures and the wall). Furthermore, these toilets and bidets are particularly suitable for confined spaces, providing more space; […]

26 gennaio 2017 | Decorate with style
bathroom fixtures innovation

The bathroom is a room of the house that has acquired more importance, as regards the design and functionality. The bathroom fixtures respond to a practical need, but also become the object of aesthetic and technical innovation research, contributing to furnishing and to improve its usability. The renovation of the bathroom also becomes an aesthetic […]

24 gennaio 2017 | Decorate with style
2017 bathroom decor

The 2017 will bring many features regarding the furnishing, in particular of the bathroom decor. Let’s find out what the new inspirations to renew the intimate setting of the home: the classic style, interpreted in pastel and delicate shades and declined in the most romantic version of shabby chic. Or compositions inspired by Zen philosophy, […]

19 gennaio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
bathroom claddings

In the renovation of the house, an essential part is the choice of the bathroom claddings. The bathroom furnishing solutions with elegant design are varied and are designed to make it comfortable, functional and practical. The role of the bathroom claddings is particularly important because it represents the first step to convey personality and style […]

17 gennaio 2017 | Decorate with style
wall hung bidet

For those who love a practical and contemporary bathroom decoration, wall-hung toilets and bidets made by Flaminia may represent a modern and functional solution to make your bathroom comfortable and refined. Flaminia offers different collections of sanitary ware for bathroom decoration. If you prefer a wall-hung solution instead of the traditional free-standing version, Flaminia collections […]

12 gennaio 2017 | Creations
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