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Bathroom taps which to choose

The bathroom taps: which to choose and install in your environment

When you renovate your home bathroom, among the first things to think about there are definitely toilets. The latter can be of various kinds, with suspension, flush with wall, but also modern, classic, round or square. So there’s really plenty of choice. But if the choice of sanitary ware can be difficult it is even […]

21 dicembre 2017 | See how it works, Senza categoria
what is the master bathroom

Master bathroom: what is and when it’s necessary to design it

Do you know what a master bathroom means and what is this type of room? Find out in this article to find out more. Master bathroom and comfort The master bathroom is the main bathroom of the house. The most intimate and private, the environment in which more attention is focused on comfort and style […]

24 ottobre 2017 | Senza categoria
How to make the bathroom comfortable

How to make a comfortable bathroom: here 5 tips

Basic elements and a few details. It is a correct choice, but you can still make your beautiful bathroom as a living room, with some practical steps. We suggest 5 tips to turn your bathroom into a relaxing and friendly environment. First thing, defining the fundamental points: The style: vintage or modern. The furniture: soft […]

20 aprile 2017 | Senza categoria
Squared and suspended sanitary

Squared and suspended bathroom fixture for an unconventional bathroom

Are you looking for a touch of modernity for your bathroom? One of the solution to your need is to choose squared and suspended bathroom fixture. This kind of service allow to create a spacious bathroom with refined design. These products are perfect for who put attention on the research of details also in the […]

21 giugno 2016 | Senza categoria
bathroom in the middle of the room

A bathroom in the middle of the room? Now is possible

American trend regarding interior design find in Italy good opportunity to spread: this is how was born the style of creating a bathroom in the middle of the room. It could seems a bizarre choice, but it is a touch of modern and minimal: smalls spaces made of glass or masonry composed of shower and […]

11 novembre 2015 | Senza categoria
Sanitary ware shapes

Matching sanitary ware shapes to decorations

In the previous posts we talked about bathroom decorations. Now we are going to see how to match sanitary ware shapes to decorations so that you can have a wider vision of our products. Most people choose round shaped sanitary ware in classic colours such as white because they think they are easier to clean […]

16 ottobre 2014 | Senza categoria
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