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Bathroom taps which to choose

The bathroom taps: which to choose and install in your environment

When you renovate your home bathroom, among the first things to think about there are definitely toilets. The latter can be of various kinds, with suspension, flush with wall, but also modern, classic, round or square. So there’s really plenty of choice. But if the choice of sanitary ware can be difficult it is even […]

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Bathroom Lighting Mirror

How to design the lighting of the mirror area in the bathroom

Often there is little importance to the bathroom furnishings, yet it is one of the spaces of the house that should be treated with great care. In this environment we go not only for normal cleansing, but also to treat yourself to a relaxing moment in the bathtub or in the shower. For this reason […]

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How to arrange furniture in the bathroom

How to arrange furniture in the bathroom: to furnish with style but in a practical way

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. When you need to design or modernize the house environment, you need to arrange the bathroom in a correct and functional way, and choose them according to your aesthetic taste. How to create practical and beautiful spaces? In this article we provide some […]

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guest bathroom minimum size

What are the minimum sizes that a guest bathroom should have?

The minimum size for master’s and guest’s bathrooms  depends on the security, health and hygiene standards. The National Law and the Building Regulations of your Municipality National law does not indicate minimum and maximum sizes of the bathroom, but merely lists what must be installed: the bathroom space must be functional to the arrangement and […]

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how to make a home bathroom

How to make a home bathroom: what you need to know before you starting work

When you need to renovate your home, you are always looking for ideas to design the best of all your living spaces, especially when dealing with bathroom renovation. You need a lot of ideas that will allow you to place and arrange all the furnishing items in an optimal way. Following this mini guide, we […]

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how to arrange make-up in the bathroom

how to arrange make-up in the bathroom: here are some tips

For all beauty enthusiasts: do you know how to arrange make up in the bathroom? Even the make-up and beauty products we use and leave in the bathroom in the months and years should be put in order. Creams, rimmels, pencils, enamels, brushes, finding a place for all beauty products is not easy. Follow these […]

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How to illuminate a windowless bathroom

How to illuminate a windowless bathroom: 5 original and functional solutions

Knowing how to make to illuminate a windowless bathroom is crucial to making the environment more comfortable and wider. Having at home a windowless bathroom is very common, being able to make it brighter and more airy changes the perception of the room. When creating an environment, lighting becomes a very important factor, especially when […]

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Bathroom door which to choose

Renovation and Decoration: which door to choose for the bathroom?

Sometimes, one aspect to consider when renovating the bathroom is the choice of the door. But we can have indecision when it comes to logistics and space issues. Let’s see what are the main differences and what functional door to choose according to the size and volume of the house. The classic door This is […]

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How to organize the bathroom

How to organize the bathroom: let’s find out with these 7 useful tips

The bathroom is one of those rooms tending to become messy, especially when there are more people living in the house, even more if they are children using it. It’s one of the most used rooms in the house: in the morning, before leaving and returning after a long and intense day, we use this […]

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bathroom planning

Bathroom planning: things not to be missed

The arrangement of sanitary fixtures and furniture items is very important in order to get a good result in bathroom planning. It’s never easy to decide where to position the furniture items, whether you have a small, medium or a large bathroom. So let’s see how we can optimize the spaces and furnish our home […]

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