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mirror design bathroom

The mirror in the bathroom between history and design

The mirror for its function and its characteristics is an object that has always stimulated the human imagination. Infact it is the protagonist of many fairy tales and legends like Alice, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or even the myth of Narcissus. How has the mirror evolved in history to become a bathroom design […]

18 gennaio 2018 | Decorate with style
built-in bathtub characteristics

Design and characteristics of the built-in bathtub

The stress of everyday life, leads people to want to create relaxing spaces in which to take refuge after a day of work. The bathroom environment is becoming more and more a place where you can relax to balance body and mind. For this reason, the number of people who require the installation of a […]

16 gennaio 2018 | Decorate with style
Shower tray which to choose

Shower tray: here’s what to choose for your bathroom

One of the starting points to furnish the bathroom is the choice of shower tray, an element that influences the disposition of the other elements, but that today – thanks to more and more modern and innovative design solutions – is also able to personalize the furniture with a touch D Great style. We discover, […]

11 gennaio 2018 | Decorate with style
freestanding bathtub characteristic

Freestanding bathtub: discover all their characteristic

It can be really the best time of day: take a warm bath in your elegant and functional freestanding bathtub. This model, in fact, allows you to live the bathroom giving you the feeling that yours is not only a bathroom, but a real relaxation room, cozy and comfortable. Follow us in this post because […]

4 gennaio 2018 | Decorate with style
Suspended bathroom furniture design

Suspended bathroom furniture: ultra-modern design in 4 furnishing possibilities

The suspended bathroom furniture represents modern design.Versatile and fresh, with their essential and clean lines, they are the right choice to furnish your bathroom environment with style and practicality. Discover more about 4 different furnishing possibilities with suspended bathroom furniture. Suspended bathroom furniture: characteristic Minimal chic style, clean surfaces and features at top levels. The […]

28 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style

floor-level-shower: 7 advantages

If you plan to design the bathroom in your new home, or you need to carry out renovations, we give you some useful ideas for the preparation of the shower. It is a practical bathroom sanitary, which gives the right style to furnishing. Why choose a floor-level-shower? Let’s find out what are the advantages of […]

12 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style
Modular bathroom furniture

Modular bathroom furniture: the ideal solution to optimize spaces with style

The modular bathroom furniture is the solution that combines functionality and aesthetics, adapting to the size of your environment. You can furnish your bathroom with modular furniture making the most of the space available, with a modern touch inspired by practicality. Let’s find out more in this post. Optimize spaces in small bathrooms A small […]

7 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style
Shower tray best material

Shower tray: what is the best material?

Shower tray: what is the best material to choose? The shower tray is one of the elements to be selected with great care, for its correct functionality and for the wear and tear it will meet. Which shower tray to choose The shower tray is an element of the bathroom furniture with a great aesthetic […]

5 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style
How to furnish the bathroom with the mirror

4 original solutions to furnish the bathroom with the mirror: let’s see how to do it

The mirroris the perfect complement to decorate your bathroom, the design element that can make a difference.Mirrors are among the most versatile and decorative elements of an environment. Size, shape, color, material, frame: everything is useful to make the mirror a furniture complement that can change the impression you have in your bathroom. Let’s see […]

21 novembre 2017 | Decorate with style
English-style bathroom decor

5 rules to furnish an english-style bathroom with elegance, charme and simplicity: here how to decor

Furnishing a bath in english-style is the ideal solution for those who want the bathroom to become a proper functional room, a relaxation area dedicated to the care of the body. For the bathroom is a part of the house where we spend a lot of time, and where we need to find all forms […]

16 novembre 2017 | Decorate with style
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