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vasca ovale

Oval bathtub: a design object that transforms the bathroom

An oval tub is much more than just a bathtub: it’s a precious piece of furniture that harmoniously transform the bathroom it into an exclusive and charming setting. The oval bath is the ideal choice for those who love moments of pleasant relaxation and intimacy. Let’s find out more about the characteristics of this timeless […]

12 aprile 2018 | Decorate with style
How to furnish a small rectangular bathroom

How to furnish a small rectangular bathroom? Here’s some tips

How to furnish a small rectangular bathroom? A question far from being trivial: when, in fact, the room is narrow and long, to make the bathroom more beautiful and welcoming it is essential to maximize the layout of the elements to make the most of all available space. Here are some hints to help you […]

12 aprile 2018 | Decorate with style
unusual bathroom fixtures

Unusual and creative bathroom fixtures: the most extravagant and unique items from Flaminia’s catalog

If you are fascinated by the most modern furnishing trends and looking for something that makes your bathroom unique, these unusual bathroom fixtures with creative and extravagant shapes are ideal for you. Let’s find out some of the most original design solutions to make the difference in furnishing the bathroom. Sanitary ware for a modern […]

3 aprile 2018 | Decorate with style
vasca centro stanza

Center room bathtub: measures, installation and taps

The center room bathtub is the element that makes the bathroom an elegant and refined environment. Classic, modern or retro, for a freestanding bathtub the best location is in the center of the bathroom. Center-room baths: what to know about measurements Small or large, round, oval or rectangular, the center room tub is the protagonist […]

29 marzo 2018 | Decorate with style
colored sanitary ware

Colored sanitary ware: style choices with Flaminia products

In the contemporary bathroom, colored sanitary ware have become a trend in furniture and are required because they give the room a liveliness and personality. Let’s find out which Flaminia bathroom lines are ideal for creating a colorful, welcoming and captivating bathroom. Colored bathroom sanitary ware: the best Flaminia proposals Almost all Flaminia bathroom furnishing […]

22 marzo 2018 | Decorate with style
Countertop or built-in washbasin

Countertop or built-in washbasin? How to choose

Choosing the right type of washbasin is a decision very important when we have to furnish the bathroom.What is the best choice between countertop or built-in washbasin? Here some useful tips. Countertop washbasin The countertop washbasin it is one of the trend products of the last years. Solution suitable for lovers of modern design but […]

20 marzo 2018 | Decorate with style
suspended white matt sanitary ware

Suspended white matt sanitary-ware: a choice of style for bathroom renovation

In the bathroom renovation, the replacement of the sanitary ware is a simple but effective solution to give the environment a completely new look, renewing the style with a touch of modernity. One of Flaminia’s most interesting proposals for modern bathroom lovers are white matt suspended bathroom fixtures. Let’s find out more about one of […]

15 marzo 2018 | Decorate with style
Bathtub with feet

Bathtub with feet: for classically-styled furnishings

The bathtub with feet is the essential piece of furniture around which a classic style bathroom is ideally designed. Here are some useful suggestions on the perfect place where to place it and the dimensions and measures to take into account for its placement. Bathtub with feet: where to place it? With their undisputed elegance, […]

22 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture: we discover the furnishing solutions to get a unique style

That are modern and in line with the furnishing trends of the moment or furnishings more suitable for a classic style bathroom, the choice of furniture is fundamental in the design of the bathroom, able to characterize-according to your taste the atmosphere and the functionality of This room. Classic bathroom Furniture For lovers of the […]

20 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
opaque bathroom fixtures

Innovation and versatility: choose opaque bathroom fixtures for your furnishing

When designing or renovating the bathroom, making the right choices is essential to get the result you want. In this post we will give you some suggestions to furnish your environment  with opaque bathroom fixtures. Innovative and versatile If you think that the bathroom is also a place to relax, it is important to know how to […]

15 febbraio 2018 | Decorate with style
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