bathroom remodel ideas

Renovating the bathroom: 2 ideas from Flaminia’s collection

Do you want to renovate the bathroom but are you short on ideas? To remodel your bathroom and bring it back to its former glory, the best solution is to replace the old sanitary ware. Here’s some solutions made on purpose from Flaminia’s collection: Plus System models: replacing sanitary ware is easier! Renovate the bathroom […]

19 luglio 2018 | Creations
shower column

Shower column: The detail of style that makes the difference

Compared to the traditional bathtub, shower is the accessory for a more modern lifestyle. But even in contemporary bathrooms with a linear and essential aesthetic, look matter. In this context details make the difference: a simple decor like the shower column, infact, can make a space become really unique. Design, functionality and practicality When the […]

28 maggio 2018 | Creations
modern bathroom faucets

Modern bathroom faucets: unique design with Flaminia solutions

In modern bathroom, bathroom fittings play a fundamental role. Created to have a strong aesthetic impact, with an eye to the needs of practicality and functionality. Let’s find out some of Flaminia’s modern bathroom faucets suggestions. Simple accessories or style details? In modern bathroom the choice of the batroom fixtures is not a negligible detail. […]

23 maggio 2018 | Creations

Crystal shower cabin: Bamboo by Flaminia, the elegance of transparency

With the crystal shower cabin, the bathroom is transformed into a refined environment where the elegant transparency and brightness of the glass gives a feeling of airiness and spaciousness. Style as a choice, but also a solution that combines perfectly with space-saving necessities in small bathrooms and that is extremely functional and easy to clean. […]

16 maggio 2018 | Creations

Hand wash basins: functionality, design and originality

For those looking for functionality in tight spaces, hand wash basins are an effective compromise to overcome space issues without sacrificing anything in comfort. Here are some examples of hand wash sinks perfectto make your bathroom more comfortable. Hand wash basins: all the features Having a small and narrow bathroom requires maximum attention to space: […]

14 maggio 2018 | Creations
double basin

The double basin in the bathroom and its features

Functional, practical and comfortable: the double basin is considered a trendy product in contemporary bathroom furniture. If you want to design a new bathroom or simply renovate it, it will be useful to know what are the most important features of this element for a choice that meets your needs. Double washbasin: dimensions and measures […]

27 marzo 2018 | Creations
bathtub shower system advantages

Bathtub-shower: all the advantages of combined systems

Practicality, savings, efficiency: the advantages of bathtub shower systems are increasingly appreciated. The integration allows you to combine both solutions, satisfying lovers of relaxation and those who need a comfortable and functional shower for every day. Let’s find out why the tendency to combine a tub in a shower or to install integrated bathtub shower […]

13 marzo 2018 | Creations
Open shower box

Open shower box: the walk-in system, without doors and profiles

A practical shower system that gives a touch of style, luxury and elegance to the bathroom: let’s talk about the open shower box, an increasingly trendy model as a modern and minimalist bathroom element. Shower box “walk in”: the shower system without doors and profiles The walk-in shower system is characterized by a single glass […]

8 marzo 2018 | Creations
shower trays measurements

The shower trays and measurements of the Flaminia lines, for a perfect bathroom installation

For an optimal bathroom decor, there are so many things to consider. Especially when it comes to installing the shower tray. Depending on the size of the bathroom, we will evaluate which shower tray is more appropriate to our needs. Let’s see the different sizes of shower trays designed by Flaminia. Albero The Albero shower […]

1 giugno 2017 | Creations
sanitary ware without rim

Sanitary ware without rim: all the benefits of new exhaust system

Flaminia has been able to adopt new bathroom furnishing solutions in the years. The sanitary ware without rim are one of the latest innovations, as they are able to give you an elegant design and provide many practical benefits to the bathroom. sanitary ware without rim: how they are made The sanitary ware without rim […]

25 maggio 2017 | Creations
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