Bathroom Evolution

shower head

The shower head: how to choose it, clean it and keep it

The choice of the shower head may seems rather easy and trivial, but functionality and comfort of the shower depend largely on the increasingly sophisticated and technological bathroom fittings to turn the moment of the bathroom into an experience of pleasure and well-being. Here are some suggestions for choosing and maintaining shower heads. Shower head: […]

19 giugno 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
Bathtub in the bedroom

Bathtub in the bedroom: the luxury of wellness

A bathtub in the bedroom is one of the most creative and original trends in the world of interior design. Strange as it may seem, in the last years bathroom and bedroom are converging in a single oasis of privacy and relaxation, reaching the height of luxury and elegance with the bathtubs placed in the […]

5 giugno 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
small bathroom solutions

5 smart solutions for small bathroom

After passing the bathtub-washbasin-mirror-toilette scheme, the latest suggestions in bathroom decor offer smart solutions to remedy some of the well-known defects – especially space – of small bathrooms. Let’s find out some useful suggestions. 1 – Space, but with smarter solutions The lack of space is a real nightmare for those with a small bathroom. […]

1 giugno 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
modern bathroom sink

Modern bathroom sinks: all the solutions for an inspiring design

A modern bathroom sink can improve the look and functionality of the environment. It is important to choose the right solution for your needs, because every modern bathroom sink has its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it’s important to consider practicality and durability as well as aesthetic. To help your selection, here are some […]

10 maggio 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
Taps history

The history of the tap: an object since the Roman era

The tap, a common object present in all homes, is actually an element dating back to distant times. The appearance of the first taps The first finds of taps as a household object date back to Roman times. These are taps called “male”, a system based on the rotation of a drilled cylinder which allowed […]

9 novembre 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
Bathroom evolution what to know

The bathroom evolution: What to know about in 5 steps

Over the years, the way to design and furnish the bathroom has changed. The history about bathroom evolution has experienced different steps: the space optimization and the work of designers have marked several epochs and trends. Here are some steps during these steps. What to know about the evolution of the bathroom environment in 5 […]

29 agosto 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
curiosities bathtub

Birth, history, evolution: 3 curiosities to know on the bathtub

The bathtub is the favorite object of wellness and relaxation, where you can spend the most intimate and pleasant moments of the day. But it has not always been so in its history. Over the centuries, the tub has become increasingly important, becoming the main bathroom accessory. We find 3 curiosities on the bathtub, tracing […]

20 giugno 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
Bathroom fixtures evolution

3 steps of bathroom fixtures evolution: bath-tub, shower and bidet

Bathroom long and narrow, with a bath or shower, clean and rounded lines. We discover the evolution of bathroom environments in 3 steps:bath-tub, shower and bidet. Bath-tub The bat-tub had been an important evolution in the years. It was originally a public space. Later it became a private space. Always, however, was the place dedicated […]

6 aprile 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
coloured bathroom fixtures

Bathroom decor from 60s to today: the coloured bathroom fixtures

Elegance, style and originality: a coloured bathroom makes the environment, where we spend much of our time, welcoming and engaging in the same time. The right furniture enhances the perception of the space around it, helping to make us live the daily experience in the bathroom, much more pleasant. The colour therapy in the decor […]

21 febbraio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
coloured bathroom fixtures of 90s

The 90s and the evolution of colour in the bathroom fixtures

Our rubric dedicated to the coloured bathroom fixtures and to their evolution through the period, continues its story, lingering on coloured bathroom fixtures of the 90s. In the previous posts we have spoke of bathroom fixtures of 60s, telling its explosion of colours, such as also about revolution of shades during the 70s and the […]

14 febbraio 2017 | Bathroom Evolution
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