How to clean the bathroom tiles

How to clean the bathroom tiles: here’s some tips to give new life to the claddings

8 maggio 2018 | See how it works

Nothing makes a bathroom more unkempt than old, dirty, opaque or yellowed tiles. Having a flawless bathroom means that you should do the cleaning of the bathroom tiles quite often. Here are some tips on how to clean the bathroom tiles in an easy and effective way.

How to clean the bathroom tiles with steam

The most powerful tool to clean the bathroom tiles is a steam cleaner, which can be used on various surfaces of the bathroom – from carpets to ceramics – to effectively remove dirt, soap residues, bacteria and molds. The heat tends to dilate the pores over the surfaces, for a deeper cleaning. If you do not have a steam cleaner, here’s how to clean bathroom tiles with some alternative methods.

Cleaning the bathroom tiles with vinegar and bicarbonate

The bathroom tiles can be cleaned with a solution of vinegar and baking soda in water. Among natural detergents, vinegar is one of the most versatile and effective: it is very efficient as a degreaser (it easily eliminates soap residues, mineral deposits, limescale stains) and its acidity prevents the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi. Alternatively, even the lemon – which has the same properties – is very effective. Sodium bicarbonate, on the other hand, is ideal for cleaning stains and residues of detergents, water and dust. In addition, bicarbonate helps eliminate smells.

To avoid, instead, the bleach: unhealthy to touch and breathe, it can fade the mold and make it invisible.

Do-it-yourself cleaning of the bathroom tiles

To clean the bathroom tiles effectively, spray the vinegar and bicarbonate solution directly over the tiles with a vaporizer and let it dry for a few minutes before rinsing the surface with a soft, slightly damp cloth. If necessary, repeat the operation several times. To carefully clean the grout in the spaces between the tiles, we recommend using an old toothbrush, while for the tiles you will need a cloth or a sponge. For a perfect result, of course, some elbow grease is needed.

To give your bathroom a new life – and in a natural way – just follow our suggestions for a perfect hygiene in 5 steps.