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4 common mistakes to avoid in bathroom designing

2 maggio 2018 | See how it works

Designing the bathroom requires great attention to every detail and it is exactly for this reason that it is quite common to make mistakes at this stage. But, no worries: with very small changes, all mistakes can be easily solved. Here are 4 of the most common mistakes made in bathroom designing and their remedies, to make the bathroom even more beautiful and functional than before.

1 – Poor lighting

One of the most common mistakes is certainly the lack of lighting. Weak lights often makes the bathroom a dark, sad and not really functional room. Fixing this it’s just a matter to create a layered lighting, according to this simple scheme:

  • Ambient lighting – It is the main lighting source, generally that on the ceiling. If it’s not enough, consider adding additional recessed lights to illuminate darker corners.
  • Accent lighting – Adding lighting around the mirror is very useful for making make-up easier. For those who love comfort, a soft accent light around the bath can make the room even more relaxing.
  • Task lighting – Smaller and more illuminated beauty mirrors are further details that can help to give lights to the bathroom.

2 – Lack of space

Designing a bathroom with little space available is a very common mistake. Without the space for products and linen, bathroom can quickly become messy and frustrate all your efforts to take care of the design. In this case, it is useful to make the bathroom neat with complements and shelves.

3 – Bad furniture mix and match

Another common mistake in bathroom designing is a bad furniture mix and match, but here the solution is at hand. Dealing with furniture, it is important to consider that if the chosen materials are important, the finishes are even more.

4 – Forget the decorations

When dealing with a small bathroom, bathroom decorations are the details that can help to enhance the design making it more authentic and personal. Towels, mats, candles, but also furnishing accessories such as the Rocchetto stool-table are the elements that could make the bathroom more beautiful and welcoming.