Suspended bathroom cabinets

Flaminia: furnishing solutions with suspended bathroom cabinets

26 aprile 2018 | Decorate with style

Simple and clean geometric lines for a sober, modern and elegant furnishing style, the suspended bathroom cabinets are a refined and at the same time practical solution, ideal for those who prefer a minimal and perfect design to compose an ordered space, light but at the same time style-rich time. Here are some of the furnishing solutions with suspended bathroom cabinets offered by Flaminia.

Features and advantages of suspended bathroom cabinets

The suspended bathroom wall units are the most fashionable furnishing solutions of the moment. Ideal to make the most cramped environments larger and more airy thanks to the perception of lightness that the suspended bases give to the surrounding space. These accessories, thanks to the contribution of the best designs, have become a precise choice of style.

The clean, smooth and colored surfaces are perfect for modern bathroom furniture. Thanks to the details and the bright colors, they allow to create geometric games and pleasant chromatic effects in the environment, taking on a leading role in the space and giving great personality to the bathroom.

In addition to the style, the suspended bathroom wall units also prove to be a space-saving solution, allowing in fact to optimize the space even in the smaller bathrooms and give a feeling of spaciousness and brightness. Functional and compact, they adapt perfectly to all needs and configurations, collecting all the essentials in a small space.

Suspended bathroom cabinets: le solutions Flaminia

For those looking for suspended bathroom cabinets, the Flaminia catalog offers various solutions. The elements of the Compono System line, made in different sizes with doors, drawers, open compartments, are designed to adapt to the most different needs of space and to personalize the bathroom furniture in a simple way.

For a more “decided” bathroom, instead, Flaminia proposes the ceramic shelves Brick, and Frame, real decorative elements of great personality suitable for furnishing with coherence and professionalism and ideal for color lovers.