Bathroom Lighting Mirror

How to design the lighting of the mirror area in the bathroom

19 dicembre 2017 | See how it works

Often there is little importance to the bathroom furnishings, yet it is one of the spaces of the house that should be treated with great care. In this environment we go not only for normal cleansing, but also to treat yourself to a relaxing moment in the bathtub or in the shower. For this reason it is important to transform the bathroom into an oasis of light and research thanks to the lighting and the use of the mirror as a detail of furnishings.

Light points and mirrors

It is important to carefully evaluate how to achieve different levels of light to create diversified areas in the room. For example, it may be suitable to plan a good illumination on the mirror area in the bathroom useful for normal daily actions, such as shaving, cleansing or makeup. Make-up lamps are the ideal product for correct lighting and can be installed on both mirrors and other furnishing accessories.

 Soft Lighting and relaxation

The lighting to be created in the bathroom in the shower area, is very different from mirror area. In this space, if possible, it would be a matter of being able to create a very natural lighting. For the bathrooms of large sizes it is necessary to insert new light points in this area, to allow the right relaxation. On the contrary for smaller rooms it is possible to install a glass shower cubicle so as to allow the light to filter. In this way there will be no need to design new light points. Visiting Flaminia website, you can find many cues to create the correct lighting in the bathroom and choose mirrors and furnishing elements that meet your needs.


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