How to arrange furniture in the bathroom

How to arrange furniture in the bathroom: to furnish with style but in a practical way

14 dicembre 2017 | See how it works

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. When you need to design or modernize the house environment, you need to arrange the bathroom in a correct and functional way, and choose them according to your aesthetic taste. How to create practical and beautiful spaces? In this article we provide some useful tips on how to arrange furniture in the bathroom.

How to arrange the sanitary ware

The placement of washbasin, toilet, bidet and shower is influenced a lot by type, shape and size of the same, also according to the different needs of use. However, you can still take precautions to avoid obstructions and difficult steps.

How to arrange bathroom furniture in a practical and orderly way?

  • The washbasin is one of those pieces of furniture that you can use in different places, depending on shape, size and height. This type of sanitary needs space and is therefore laid on the longest wall, in front of the bidet and toilet, or incorporated into a piece of furniture equipped with a mirror. If you intend to go beyond the classic style, you can opt for the double basin, circular or shaped, a trend of bathroom furniture much appreciated. Another point is the distance between mixer and basin, for an excellent arrangement of the elements of furniture in the bathroom. You will need at least 10-12 cm of distance between the mixer and the washbasin. Flaminia offers several lines of taps, available both in the wall version and in the countertop version.
  • The bidet is best placed in front of the WC or on the side. In this case, the minimum distance between these two elements must be at least 30 cm. If frontal the distance increases to 50 cm and more.
  • Meglio predisporre il WC sotto lo sciacquone, questo perché le soluzioni laterali possono non avere la giusta pressione di scarico, andando incontro, nel tempo, a problemi di usura dell’impianto.
  • The installation of the shower is carried out on the side where the drain is located. The bathtub is arranged along the shorter side, walling it and tiling it. Choose them square, rectangular or round, based not only on your personal taste, but also considering the actual practicality of its use.


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