Shower tray best material

Shower tray: what is the best material?

5 dicembre 2017 | Decorate with style

Shower tray: what is the best material to choose? The shower tray is one of the elements to be selected with great care, for its correct functionality and for the wear and tear it will meet.

Which shower tray to choose

The shower tray is an element of the bathroom furniture with a great aesthetic impact, but also functional. The textures used for its construction are non-slip and comfortable, as well as beautiful to look at. Even the lines have undergone a positive evolution becoming cleaner, minimal and squared, opaque or satin, in various colors.


When it comes to shower trays it is necessary to consider the various possibilities to choose between different types and models. You have to evaluate which one is right for you, both in terms of available space and practicality: rectangular, square or angular; or again, flush with the floor or with the raised edge. And what about the material? better a ceramic or acrylic shower tray?Let’s find out here.

The best material according to your needs

  • Ceramic. material appreciated and known also in new finishes and reduced thicknesses. Pleasant to see, but attention to maintenance: it must be constant and performed with delicate products.
  • Acrylic. the material that can be cut, solving space problems, measurements and dimensions. The material, light and non-slip, promises a long life and ensures a good result, even from an aesthetic point of view. The thickness is reduced, it can be installed flush with the floor and take particular shapes. This material tends to lose color and stain with time for soap residues or aggressive chemical agents.
  • Resin. A durable material. It is a thin material, used flush with the floor, aesthetically beautiful thanks to the finish in different colors. The color may vary due to wear.
  • Marble powders, natural minerals and resins. A mix of non-slip and stain-resistant materials. shower tray always different thanks to the possibility to choose between many colors and finishes, from the classic marble effect to that similar to parquet.
  • Minerals, resins and gels. A shower tray made with these materials guarantees resistance and easy maintenance, precisely because they are not porous.


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