ideal shower box measures

The ideal shower box measures to create a relaxing place

28 novembre 2017 | See how it works

The Ideal dimensions of bath and its components, such as shower boxes, bathtubs and washbasins, are an important part of interior design and home environments.In recent decades, the concept of living in the home has changed. The bathroom underwent a revolution, showing the most radical signs of change.

The modern bathroom has become the main actor of the home, from the service environment to relaxation. To achieve this building revolution, every element of the bathroom furniture has to be inserted for the care of body and spirit. Shower is an important component, a private space where to take care of yourself. The shower box dimensionsbecome fundamental to optimize room space. hat should they be? How much space do I need?

Innovation, aesthetics, functionality are the three keywords to use when looking for a shower box. Showers change for size and functionality, material and aesthetics. Choosing the box should be coordinated with the rest of the bathroom furnishings, integrating with harmony and balance.

Rectangular, square or circular, the shower box will become the small environment where you will be recharged with energy and vitality.

The solutions offered by Flaminia are different and meet every single need for space and style.

  • For lovers of originality but who do not want to give up practicality, Albero is the ideal shower module: you can recreate a large shower box with ceramic shower column and white and green taps style touch.
  • For lovers of romanticism and harmony, the choice goes to the shower curtain conceived for the tub-shower of the Fontana line, a circular bathtub to be placed in the center of the room as the protagonist of the environment.
  • For design enthusiasts, the shower tray is Water Drop featuring concentric circles that make it unique.

The shower box and its ideal measurements depend not only on the size of your bathroom, but also on your need to relax and reconcile with yourself.


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