How to furnish the bathroom with the mirror

4 original solutions to furnish the bathroom with the mirror: let’s see how to do it

21 novembre 2017 | Decorate with style

The mirroris the perfect complement to decorate your bathroom, the design element that can make a difference.Mirrors are among the most versatile and decorative elements of an environment. Size, shape, color, material, frame: everything is useful to make the mirror a furniture complement that can change the impression you have in your bathroom. Let’s see how to furnish the bathroom with the mirror.

The trick is to use mirrors as a decor solution able to increase the perception of spaces and brightness, to give depth even to the tightest rooms, whatever will be your bathing style.

  • The first choice is about functionality, especially if you have reduced space. Here are 4 solutions to furnish the bathroom with the mirror:
  • A container mirror is ideal for those who need extra furniture inside the bathroom. The shelves allow you to fully organize the space. Opt for the Left / Right mirror case with removable compartments, clean and linear design.
  • Do you have only one corner of the bathroom to furnish it with the mirror? The solution is called Corner, the design mirror that allows you to install the complement in a place that is usually difficult to exploit. You can match it to the Twin Column washbasin, an original and modern basin for the bathroom.
  • There is not even a free wall left and you do not know how to take advantage of space? Attach the mirror to a bar in a strategic corner of the bathroom so that you can leave the passage free. Avrete il vostro specchio con un tocco di originalità in più.
  • Do you want a large mirror that illuminates the bathroom and makes you feel like inside a movie? The solution is called Make Up, the mirror with the ceramic wall lamp door that recalls the past in a modern way.


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