Laviamoci le mani

From the Design Contest to the exhibit Laviamoci le mani for the 60th anniversary

23 settembre 2015 | Ceramica Flaminia News

Laviamoci le mani (Let’s clean our hands): this is the new initiative of Ceramica Flaminia in occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company. It’s a Design Contest where ideas revolutionize the washbasin’s aesthetic. The protagonists are the student of the Italian Design Product master  of Marangoni institute.

Two of the many projects were realized in a 1:2 scale and they will be exhibited with other pieces on 10th September at the Milan’s showroom in Solferino street, 18, Milan.

Gustavo Martini, born in Rio de Janeiro, created Ritho, a washbasin that mixes the urban landscape and the nature in an harmonious way. The second exhibited piece is Salto d’Acqua (The Water Jump) by Hsiao: the elegance of tea ceremony and the traditional Japanese bathroom are the sources of inspiration for this elegant washbasin realized by Ceramica Flaminia and sold worldwide. The bathroom becomes a place to find our inner peace, cleaning body and soul.

All the projects realized for the Laviamoci le Mani Design Contest are the results of a careful analysis of materials and the evolution of the bathroom ambient.

The celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Ceramica Flaminia aren’t over: stay with us and keep informed about the next events.