bathroom accessories measurements

Towel rack, soap holder, toilet roll holder: each to their own place. But what distance from the mirror do I need to hang the wall lights? What height do you place the towel holder? What is the best length for the towel bar? If you do not know how to answer these questions, after having […]

14 giugno 2018 | See how it works
how to hide washer and dryer in the bathroom

Washing machine and dryer, are two essential appliances that makes everyday life easier, but nobody really wants to have them in plain sight in the bathroom. For those who do not have enough space for a laundry area, the question is simple: how to hide washing machine and dryer in the bathroom? With a little […]

12 giugno 2018 | See how it works
bathroom laundry cabinet

Adding a laundry area to the bathroom is a solution that meets the needs of the domestic activities of daily living, but this is not meaning that it should be transformed into an anonymous and messy space. With some original ideas and the proper furnishing solutions you can add a touch of character and personality […]

7 giugno 2018 | Decorate with style
Bathtub in the bedroom

A bathtub in the bedroom is one of the most creative and original trends in the world of interior design. Strange as it may seem, in the last years bathroom and bedroom are converging in a single oasis of privacy and relaxation, reaching the height of luxury and elegance with the bathtubs placed in the […]

5 giugno 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
small bathroom solutions

After passing the bathtub-washbasin-mirror-toilette scheme, the latest suggestions in bathroom decor offer smart solutions to remedy some of the well-known defects – especially space – of small bathrooms. Let’s find out some useful suggestions. 1 – Space, but with smarter solutions The lack of space is a real nightmare for those with a small bathroom. […]

1 giugno 2018 | Bathroom Evolution
bowl basin

Modernize the bathroom of an old apartment is a challenge for those are struggling with renovations. The easiest way to renew the bathroom is to change sanitary ware, especially the sinks. To give the bathroom a touch of modernity, the interior designers of Flaminia suggest to install bowl basins. Here are some tips to choose […]

30 maggio 2018 | Decorate with style
shower column

Compared to the traditional bathtub, shower is the accessory for a more modern lifestyle. But even in contemporary bathrooms with a linear and essential aesthetic, look matter. In this context details make the difference: a simple decor like the shower column, infact, can make a space become really unique. Design, functionality and practicality When the […]

28 maggio 2018 | Creations
How to place sanitary ware in the bathroom

How to place sanitary ware in the bathroom? Even if there is not a universal rule on placing toilet, bidet, sink, shower, tub and other furnishing accessories in the bathroom, to understand where to place the sanitary, however, it is essential to choose the right place on a case-by-case basis.Here are some useful tips in […]

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modern bathroom faucets

In modern bathroom, bathroom fittings play a fundamental role. Created to have a strong aesthetic impact, with an eye to the needs of practicality and functionality. Let’s find out some of Flaminia’s modern bathroom faucets suggestions. Simple accessories or style details? In modern bathroom the choice of the batroom fixtures is not a negligible detail. […]

23 maggio 2018 | Creations
How to clean glass shower doors

To keep a perfect shower box over time it’s crucial to know how to clean the glass screens correctly. Learning how to effectively remove limescale, dirt and soap stains will keep the shower glasses always shiny and prevent mold and fungi with some few simple steps. Here’s more specific advices to get glittering and perfect […]

21 maggio 2018 | See how it works
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