sanitary suspended height

The suspended sanitary ware represent a modern solution for the bathroom decor. Thanks to their installation, can create an effect of lightness and modernity. With the right location we can release all the design and comfort in our bathroom environment. Height is one of the important aspects that we must consider. After locating the bearing […]

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how to exploit the bathroom corners

Take advantage of the home spaces environment is an excellent solution of furniture, especially when we are dealing with environments with reduced sizes or irregular. In particular, when remodel the bathroom, it is very important to be able to arrange the sanitary ware and the furnishings in an optimal manner to exploit the space in […]

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closet countertop basin

There are so many ways to make it nice and starring the bathroom. Especially when we have to choose the basin. If the version we prefer is the one to support, we will also consider the closet on which it will rest. A type of basin that allows you to be practical and to reduce […]

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countertop basin design

When we are struggling with the bathroom remodeling, there are many design solutions with which we can play and various models and collections to transform the home environment. And the design solutions and choice of sanitary ware and complements becomes important, especially when we have to choose the basin. If you are lovers of modern […]

21 marzo 2017 | Decorate with style
Narrow and long bathroom bath-tub or shower system

When we have to restructure the house bathroom, before choosing bathroom fixtures you need to study their sizes to better organize the arrangement of objects and to create the right harmony between the spaces. In the previous article we talked about the placement of the shower in a narrow and long bathroom. Today we want […]

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Shower position bathroom narrow and long

Bathrooms can be very different from each other. Depending on the size and arrangement in which they are designed within the home, you’ll actually have to take into account some things rather than others, depending on the type of bathroom in which we will have to do: small, blind or even long and narrow. Furnish […]

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Bathroom furniture contract

Flaminia, a main Italian Company in the sanitary ceramics production for bathroom, is increasingly attentive to bathroom furniture for contract. The Flaminia bathroom furniture houses the commercial market demands and offers several modern collections, ideal for the hotels construction, office buildings and complexes dedicated to public services. Il Made in Italy Flaminia per spazi ricettivi […]

9 marzo 2017 | Creations
distance mixer tap basin

The bathroom décor requires a good planning and careful installation of sanitary ware. To make sure that our bathroom both functional and fun, we need to consider distances, sizes and spaces that allow us to live in the best way the home environment dedicated to body care. For these reasons, we want to give you […]

7 marzo 2017 | See how it works
how to choose bathroom furniture

The bathroom is one of the home spaces, under furniture, should never be overlooked: It needs to be comfortable, but also functional and stylish. It is the place where we spend the most important phases of the day. In the bathroom we get ready to go out and we relax after a hard day’s work. […]

2 marzo 2017 | Decorate with style
Materials bathroom how to choose

If you are decorating your new home and it’s time to choose the materials for the bathroom, Ceramica Flaminia has for you some valuable advice. The first requirement is to combine style with functionality. this is not always so easy to put into practice. Let us see some suggestions that can guide your choice and […]

28 febbraio 2017 | Decorate with style
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