sanitary ware without rim

Flaminia has been able to adopt new bathroom furnishing solutions in the years. The sanitary ware without rim are one of the latest innovations, as they are able to give you an elegant design and provide many practical benefits to the bathroom. sanitary ware without rim: how they are made The sanitary ware without rim […]

25 maggio 2017 | Creations
suspended sanitary ware

Today we are talking about a modern and innovative model of bathroom fixtures that can make your bathroom more comfortable and practical: suspended sanitary ware. Let’s see when and why you should choose this type of products. Space The suspended sanitary ware allow you to furnish your bathroom giving a visual continuity of the floor. […]

23 maggio 2017 | Decorate with style
bathroom modular

Today we can customize our home environment in more ways and choose different solutions with new types of furnishings. For example, with the day-to-day modules, creative solutions for bathroom modular furniture expand the design possibilities of bathroom furnishings. We can have container spaces that can interrupt the continuity of the furniture elements plan and create […]

18 maggio 2017 | Decorate with style
how to choose the shower box

When you restructure the bathroom and change the shower box, there are many factors that affect our final decision. We have to consider many aspects and make the necessary assessments regarding technical and aesthetic choices. Whatever your preferences are, here are some furniture tips and useful information on how to choose the shower box for […]

16 maggio 2017 | See how it works
How to whiten the bathtub

Dirt that is formed over time at home, especially in the bathroom, can deteriorate the ceramics of the sanitary ware, and in particular the bathtub with scaling and limestone that compromises color and gloss. Getting a deep bathtub cleaning can be complicated but with some natural remedies it can become much simpler and give great […]

11 maggio 2017 | See how it works
hot or cold light bathroom

The bathroom is one of the home environments where lighting plays a crucial role. The shades of light have a strong psychological impact on us. A warm light is more welcoming because it transmits sensations such as relaxation and warmth. A cold light has a more neat and informal impact. For the the bathroom decor […]

9 maggio 2017 | See how it works
washbasin column

The feature of this washbasin is a floor column that holds the basin and is, often, wall-mounted, sometimes located in the center of room. If you love classic style and want to give a vintage tone to your bathroom, we present some Flaminia collections which include this washbasin model. Bonola is a series of pure […]

4 maggio 2017 | Decorate with style
bathroom furniture particular design

If you are looking for the right compromise between practicality and elegance, Flaminia proposes 4 design lines of particular shape, one for each bathroom furnishing element, ideal for finding the right furnishing inspiration. Washbasin Let’s talk about collection called Roll. A creative and eclectic product with great aesthetic impact. The line includes two countertop washbasins […]

2 maggio 2017 | Decorate with style
Bathtub with integrated shower

Are you struggling with the bathroom design and you don’t know what’s best between bathtub and shower? With Flaminia’s built-in models you can combine both solutions without sacrificing the bath tub comfort and the convenience of the shower. With ten-year of experience in the production of sanitary pottery, today with Flaminia you can have an […]

27 aprile 2017 | Decorate with style
small square bathroom

Spaces and surfaces in a house can strongly influence the choices of the furniture elements and their layout. Especially when it’s about a small square bath. So let’s see what can we do to make this room more functional and cozy. Limited space: go for wall taps It could seem quite plain, but the choice […]

25 aprile 2017 | See how it works
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